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Dr. Derrick Dr. Derrick Hamilton

Greetings!!! I am Dr. Derrick Hamilton!!  I am the owner and treating chiropractor of We Adjust That…Chiropractic Centers.  I knew I always wanted to be a physician, but I shelved the dream for a few years and started a career as an insurance agency owner.  Then, the birth of my “SweetBaby”, Charlotte Rhys, changed my trajectory and I decided to follow my dream of becoming a doctor.  Chiropractic won the tug-o-war over the traditional medical school route.  Chiropractic aligned with the passion I possess to constantly learn and the purpose I possess to help and serve.

My chiropractic story began when I was diagnosed with life threatening heart condition.  My cardiologist was prepping me for surgery that would have a permanent defibrillator device placed in my chest at the age of 31.  Luckily, my cardiac surgeon had wherewithal to resist the recommendation and opted for a wait and see approach because of my young age and zest for life.  This wait and see approach allowed me to start chiropractic school where I began receiving weekly chiropractic adjustments to the spine along with prescribed medicines.   As a result of this combination of treatments, medicinal and chiropractic, my condition began improving and fully resolved within 3 years of being diagnosed. 

This personal experience allowed me to witness, firsthand, the life changing results that chiropractic can create because I was headed down a path which I would have a device in my chest for the next 50 years because the medicines were not working on their own.

So, today if I am not treating patients within the office, I am networking in my community to find opportunities to EDUCATE PEOPLE ABOUT CHIROPRACTIC CARE…

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